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Originally Posted by B77WGE115B View Post
Do you guys think that applying the XMP profile could have done something to my RAM? Is it possible that my system is currently "bricked" and stuck in an XMP mode, even though I reset the CMOS (multiple times). If I tried my new RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX rated at 3000MHz), is there a good chance that it would work, or would I need RAM rated at 2133MHz for any chance of getting my computer to boot?

This was my initial thought after the PSU swap did not change things. However, the clear CMOS should reset this (that's why it's there) and you seem to have been thorough in your efforts. If you were to put the new RAM in, it would be detected as new hardware and you would certainly be at 2133 loading into the BIOS. Clear CMOS + battery out should = default BIOS. To that effect, does your system have a way to flash the BIOS from a USB drive in a power off state? Usually there would be a "BIOS" button and specific USB port in the back for this purpose.

We are not as deep into this as you and I don't know what to make of the beep codes at this point. I am way behind you in the research. All I can do is offer a logical argument. I do not think you mis-typed the voltage and absurd values are rejected out of hand in AMI BIOS versions. It would not have accepted 4.1v. I still think we are looking at the board, but there is no certainty.

How long does the system stay powered on when you attempt boot before shutting down? OCP shutdowns are fast - maybe a few seconds. A memory problem would more likely cause the boot cycle to hang for 30 seconds. Maybe it shuts down. Maybe a restart.
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