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I was right. managed to get the led's running on it now as well. when i first took the cables out of the holder had them the opposite way so 5v was getting ground and ground was trying to supply power in the instant till i realised wrong and turned it off.

Now to work on the software effects for the lighting on it and the 3x LED strips that will be connected once its all in the enclosure

Just wondering can i have a different effect on the fan to the other LED strips if i wire them to seperate data outputs on the arduino or limited to the one effect across all the leds in my ws2812b strip ?
around 50 led's in the 3 strips, (18, 18, 14) and 12 in the hd120 for the fan.

I.e. if they can be separate could control all 4 strips to have different things on them.
(Or filament bay as one thing, the 2 strips in the printer section another thing and the fan a 3rd different thing.)
I know i do still have 4 potential outputs on the arduino nano that using that i can run the lights data outputs from.

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