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Originally Posted by solarity View Post
Unless someone else can correct me, if I am wrong, but the HD-120 has always had 2x 4pin connectors. The 4th pin is PWM control, I think the SP-120s are 3 pin (ground, 12v, RPM/tach), compared to the HD-120 which are (ground, 12v, RPM/tach, PWM)

PWM and RPM are optional, if you just use the first two pins, it will run at full tilt. The TACH/RPM gives the fans RPM, which can be used to help manage the speed. Some can use voltage to manage the speed, while others use PWM, which uses 12v full time, but pulses the 12v, which is more efficient and allows for lower fan speeds. I am assuming that you don't have PWM or Tach for your 3D printer and might be even using some adapter. What 3D printer do you have? I got a Micro 3D in a charity auction this past Xmas for $80. It is cool, though would like something a bit bigger, maybe with a heated bed.

I've got a prusa i3 mk3. Built a custom enclosure and got an arduino to power the enclosure. building these electronics to go in the enclosure.
Thats the enclosure and the motherboard that got the arduino and everything plugged into for the fan, (will also have a bunch of WS2812B led strips attached to the LED outputs.
The plan was to have those in order with it going from the data out on 1 strip to the data in on the next and with the fan either first or last in the strip. The motherboard has a 3A 5V convertor and I've got another 3A 5V converter that will run to feed the second half of the lights.

The motherboard has 4 ports for the PWM of the fan and i got that going but seemed to be limited to 500rpm so will have to look into the software there to see if thats currently limiting it. (Worked this out as it was just supplying 5v not the 12v since was plugged in via usb for the arduino not the 12v adaptor for the whole thing, so now can control it between 700-1700rpm using the touch screen.)

Can I have the HD120 LED's run by just 3 pins on the motherboard ? (5V Power, data from motherboard to fan and ground) From my understanding the Data out on the fan would be used to connect it to the next led if i added more on the end of it right ?

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