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Originally Posted by Charixfox View Post
PWM fans will not spin when only voltage is applied. They must have a PWM pull-up signal as well.

Steady 12v should be applied to the 12v line.

25khz PWM signal at 3.3 or 5V must be applied to the PWM line in order for the fan to spin. Notably, the signal can be "100% duty cycle", which means just a steady 3.3-5V applied, in which case the fan will spin at full speed.

For more information, see:
Hrmm, this is interesting, I was trying to find an answer no this, though it seemed most people said that if you don't use the PWM, then it would run at full speed. I found some beefy 10mmH20 Delta fans at work that were going to be e-wasted. I was wondering why I couldn't get them to spin, I was using an older 20pin ATX PSU. So I guess by plugging the PWM directly into the 5v of the PSU, 12v to the 12v, and ground to ground, it should work as well?
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