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Originally Posted by nwkrep82 View Post
Well, one of the first issues I encountered was the H5 SF's L shaped mounting bracket interferes with the heat sink/shroud of the riser card when trying to attach it to the screw points.

What I did was remove the back of the riser heat sink (two screws). Then I put the screws and plastic washers back on (to keep the front of the heatsink held in place).

With the back removed, I was able to set the H5 SF's bracket properly. I then placed the Impact's riser back shroud back in its place sitting ON TOP of the H5 SF's bracket. Line it up with the mother board screw holes and secure with the motherboard screws.

Now that the bracket is attached, I had to get the blower mounted. Normally, the riser does not allow the hoses to fit. So, in order to raise the blower up, I used some motherboard standoffs I happened to have lying around. I

screwed them into the 3 holes on the bracket. I then screwed the H5 SF's standoffs into those motherboard stand offs I attached.

I installed the cpu block as normal. When mounting the blower, I used the included screws. I screwed down the blower just enough for the screws to catch the standoff threads. I made sure the screw closest to riser wasn't causing the hose to compress between the blower and the riser. The screw on the the standoff on the left (looking from the front of the case), was adjusted to match the one on the right. The screw at the top I was actually able to tighten slight more to eliminate most of the wiggle. You could probably add washers for a 'tighter' fit.

When fitting the top lid of the Bulldog, I discovered I had to remove the foam padding that sits over the cooler. There is sound deadening material on the top lid. On the that deadening material, there is an area of foam padding. Because the cooler now sits higher than intended, that foam padding does allow the lid to sit properly.

I used a heat gun and a knife to remove the foam and glue. I was able to remove the foam and glue with no damage to the sound deadening material. After that, the lid fit perfectly

Thanks for the info, and nice setup.
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