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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
  1. On what date is this expected and what will the PID be changed to please?
  2. To me this implies if I update the driver CL 3.2.5695 will report my old Link Commander. I know this is not the situation and therefore feel the post needs to make it clear that after doing this CL 3.2.5695 will still not report the old commander. Having checked HWiNFO and SIV will and I feel this should be made clear. By "certain circumstances" are you cryptically saying "you will have to use SIV"?
  3. CL 3.1.5667 reported my old commander well ( so why are you saying 2.7.5361 is the last version to support it please ?
I suspect needing to manually update the old Commander driver at all would not be needed if you changed HydroS7289.inf to include the USB Device revision in the match. I expect all you need to do is append &REV_0100 to all of the following:
1. You're referencing a copy/paste error in the change log that has since been removed.
2/3. "certain circumstances" does NOT reference any 3rd party software in any way whatsoever. If you have a Commander and it happens to work for you in a version after 2.7.5361, that's great, but it's not supported after that version.
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