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Originally Posted by TomGu View Post
Yes, though several implicated the "energy saving feature" of the GA-EP35-DS4 as a possible source of the problem (I am planning to disable the "energy saving feature" by the way).

Don't suppose a fix might be attained in a future BIOS revision?

If Newegg will take back the GA-EP35-DS4, what board would be more compatible with the 8500C5DF?

If I must keep the GA-EP35-DS4, would Twin2x4096 6400C4DHX the next best choice?

If yes, any chance the 6400C4DHX can be overclocked to support the E8400 at 450 MHz or is the 8500C5DF necessary to run the E8400 at 450? I would go with a P5K-E in consideration of the board you currently have.

A fix might come. A loosening of the memory chipset latencies or such. Yes, you should be able to overclock the 6400C4DHX to support 8400 at 450. You will very likely have to loosen the timings a bit though, but still, it should work. The definitive word in overclocking is "Should".
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