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Since the unit isn't necessarily user replaceable, I would strongly advise having a professional open the unit and change the battery out. According to one of our Tech Support guys, Jamey, it's very similar to changing out an iPhone battery.

I've been unsuccessful in finding an exact replacement.

Since the product is end-of-life, I would just suggest finding a battery that has the same output specs and dimensions that will fit within the housing. The dimensions need to allow for some level of expansion as the battery ages, which is just an attribute of LiPo batteries in general.

Here are the most important things to look for:
- Polarity of wires on the plug (make sure there are three wires also)
- Dimensions
- Voltage (3.7V)

Capacity will only dictate the amount of time between charges, so anything around the original 6200mAh will suffice.

Again, I can't stress enough to have a professional perform the replacement.
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