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Default Same freezing issues

i seem to be having similar issues. It will happen at anytime whether im at the desktop, in a game or just using Chrome. audio will cut out, mouse will cut out, keyboard will not respond and all the lights will also turn off. when the lights do come back the usual thing to happen is my headset and all audio outputs will not work and will not resume working until a full reboot.

I also will experience the volume roller on the keyboard (k95 platinum) to basically get stuck in one direction, meaning the volume will continuously go up or down and cant be changed until i unplug all usb connections.

it will happen at anytime, sometimes 3 times in an hour, sometimes it locks up everything and sometimes it just kinda hiccups. i dont know what is causing it because it never happens after i do a certain thing.

I have uninstalled everything with the name corsair from my computer, including inside the appdata folder, ended all tasks in task manager and then reboot the pc. only then did i reinstall the newest version of icue and then it would happen maybe 20 minutes later.

i can only assume a different program is clashing with icue, i have Asus Aura on my motherboard, phillips hue light controls, shadowplay, wallpaper engine usually running in the background. hopefully there is a shared program or device we have shared. i will try to make a list of everything i have currently inside and plugged into the pc but it is late currently.
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