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Well, I am hoping those are air bubbles (in the first pump setting), but there is a metallic tone to it I don't really like. This is not uncommon after mounting the cooler. Try this:

1) Cycle the pump speed between the lowest (2000 rpm) and the highest (3000) every 5-10 seconds. You are trying to create a pressure change to push the bubbles out of the CPU block.

2) If this is not successful, put it on the highest speed and tilt the case backwards so the the pump head is lower than the tubes. That may coax the bubbles out of the block and to a less aggravating place.

You are always going to hear the "pump hum" at the highest speed. All pumps are going to be audible at 3000 rpm. However, it should be smooth and not static-like (bubbles) or metallic (mechanical).

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