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Originally Posted by Glzmo View Post
Wonderful guide. Thank you very much for creating it and the graphis, Zotty.

I just got a Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan and it registers as a Strip in iCue. was wondering if I could connect it at the end of a chain of RGB LED Lighting PRO Strips on a single connector of the lighting node pro and if it's possible, how many strips would I be able to chain before it. Do you have any idea if something like that would work? I'd like to avoid connecting another lighting node pro at this point (the first connector of my Lighting Node Pro is used for the RGB hub with 6 ML-RGB fans, the second currently for my Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB fan which I was hoping I could connect the strips in between).
I take it that it has the 3-pin connector? And 10 LEDs (hence ... a strip)?
In that case, you can put 5 strips in front of it and daisy-chain it to the end.
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