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Default Lighting comparison K95 Platinum, K70 MK.2 SE and Strafe MK.2

I currently have the previous generation Strafe RGB and love the brightness and color of the RGB lighting because of the white background but I am considering upgrading for other features but don't want to lose a significant amount of that brightness and color in the process. This thread is just concerning the lighting brightness only, ignoring all other feature differences.

The question is: How much dimmer is the key lighting on the K95 Platinum compared to the Strafe MK.2 and is the K70 MK.2 SE somewhere in between?

I use my keyboard during the day in a well lit room as well as at night with low lighting so I'm mainly concerned whether the brightness will be disappointing compared to my Strafe or if it is bright enough to still look good even during the day. I figure anything dimmer than my Strafe at 2/3 brightness wouldn't be bright enough for my tastes. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated
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