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Default First Impressions

I was really excited about this product as I absolutely love love love my K70s, and needed something for working in the living room. I have to say, using it the previous couple of evenings has been tough. The sharp machined edges are digging into my wrists and are really quite painful -- have you at Corsair actually used this thing? What do you do to prevent this? I'm trying to figure out a solution to this -- I've thought of running a couple of layers of masking tape over it. I wistfully flip the Lapdog around and rest my wrists on the cable storage area -- ahhh. But, alas, I can't insert the K70 that way, and I'm a righty. There's got to be a reason there's no wrist rest. Am I doing it wrong? Is there another product I can buy? I see there are some gloves out there that might work.
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