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Originally Posted by Darth Affe View Post
Hey Guys,

lately I implemented an Ambilight-Layer for Artemis (coming with the next version).
Since all the capture-logic and stuff could easily transfered, I decided to create a small standalone application providing only this ambilight-feature as a CUE.NET-example.

It's nothing too fancy in terms of UI or error-handling but I thought if someone is interested in stuff like this it might be worth posting it here.
The capture is done by reading the front-buffer of the graphic card, so it works for everything (games, movies, idling on the desktop, etc.) that happens on your primary-display.

A note about CPU-usage: 1920x1080 @ 20FPS update rate uses 1-2% on my system (i7 2600K) with default settings. But if you're using higher resolutions or to high settings you might completely eat your CPU. If you run into performance-issues try reducing the capture-rate (down to 10 looks quite good, 5 is bearable), increasing downsampling (4K resolution should use 8 or more) or reducing the mirrored amount.

Usage: After unpacking the zip just start the exe (.NET 4.0 or newer has to be installed) and you'll have a new system-tray-icon. Clicking this icon will open a simple configuration-window (settings are automatically stored).

Download: (or the attachment of this post)

Demo-Video (using aggressive settings with high update-rates and no smoothing):
Can you add an option to keep keyboard lit or dimly lit under completely black scenes (for night), for example when viewing my linux ssh terminal the kb goes black :), making it hard to see at night.