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Sorry Corsair, this won't be a good review of the Lapdog, but it needs said.

I really wanted this product to work, especially since the layout of my room changes frequently with need and I like to use my PCs from a reclined position and in theory the Bulldog should have pulled this off. The product's overall build quality is excellent and sturdy and I can see it lasting a good while, and the way the keyboard fits just feels right. Also works great with mice that use a wireless dongle since it can plug in internally. The addition of USB ports on the side was pure brilliance for things like headphone dongles or USB drives not to mention charging devices (like said wireless mouse). And personally I think with the K70 Lux installed it looks excellent!

However, unfortunately, the good ends here because the Lapdog has some serious design flaws that made the device unusable and I ended up returning mine. First, the mouse-pad is slippery with every kind of mouse I tried making it guaranteed to fall off if at any sort of angle (and if you are using the Lapdog, it's not likely to be level all the time). Secondly, the entire lapdog falls off the memory foam component making the concept fall apart (literally), there isn't much point if the device falls on the floor. Lastly, the lack of any sort of wrist wrest or cushioning was a very bad move. The lack of wrist cushioning exposes you to very sharp edges which even if they were not sharp are extremely uncomfortable (and can even result in pushing the Lapdog off the memory foam, again). Taking a wooden board and having your keyboard and mouse sit on it is a better solution (not an exaggeration, actually is, but don't forget to use a maximum control style mousepad with it).

EDIT: I neglected to mention I got some painful marks on my wrists from just a few minutes of use of this product, I could see a serious injury (such as slit wrists) caused by this flaw.

I know this was a bit hard on Corsair, but this is since I expect quality products from them and this seriously fell short. This feels extremely first generation and a bit experimental overall. To make it worse, none of these issues should have made it past quality control or any sort of basic pre-production testing.

I really want to see a second gen of this where these issues would be resolved. I would be first in line for one that addresses these issues! However, I'm sad to say that nobody should buy this product as it currently is. I would say I am the target audience for this, and I've wanted a solution for this for years. Did Corsair need this product so soon for Computex they rushed it through and ended up with a flawed production model? I wonder. Please make a fixed one Corsair, they will sell, believe me.

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