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Now the engineering of this wouldn't be easy and still have a structurally sound product but might I suggest looking at some adjustability of the lapdog? To be able to accommodate your various keyboards as well as the varying size of people's laps? The first certainly you can do and the later would have to be as best as you can do understandably.

That is really my only concern from looking at it and I'm interested in it but if the keyboard I just ordered won't sit well on it then it is little use to me.

Slim to be able to slide under a couch is a nice consideration but I'd NEVER put my keyboard under my couch anyways (have you seen the size of dust bunnies under a couch? :P )

Wireless again would be nice for quite a few people I'm sure but you are right that as a gamer I don't use wireless anything anymore. I even have a Vengence headset and don't use it because that battery inevitably needs recharged at the wrong times. Not corsair's fault at all :p So wireless option or not for me doesn't matter but if you can work it in I think it would be a good OPTION for it's use as far as expanding the market for it and that helps to keep the product going for even those of us that wouldn't use the wireless option.

Mouse pad size is important and I'd add could you look at a hard mouse pad option? Something that could be easily replaced for at most $15 USD? or even two options one cloth one hard? In each case an easily replaced component for a competitive price to normal pads. I know some of the hard pads go for $50 or more (I've used them) but instead of trying to have it be one that is going to last for 3 years of heavy use look at 1 year and easily replaceable because eventually it is going to have to be replaced and I would expect that like myself most people are not going to be happy if they have to replace the whole lapdog simply because of wearing down the center of the mouse pad some.

Really about all of the criticism for the product it's self that I could see looking at it. A product I'm definitely watching.

Now as far as the marketing images you have out for it already. Maybe I've just not seen one but some shots with people using the lapdog with their feet up instead of flat on the floor in front of them would be a good idea. The suggestion of some palm rest made me think about this: Will I even need a palm rest with how I plan on using it? Chilled back on a futon with my legs up already so my arms aren't even going to be at that 90 degree angle and the lapdog isn't going to be below my chest so much? Be nice to see how it plays in being used like that both with and without any additional sort of palm rest.
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