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Thanks specmike for your time :-)

I know software voltage monitoring can be dodgy. Still my question was of a slightly different nature, it's just that I didn't explain myself very well. This is a setup that currently has big issues, it's not like I'm on a smooth working system and then I alarm myself because of some voltage warning. I'd like to know if this voltage peak that has happened (and that maybe has always been there but never showed up because of the PC freezing and then being unable to record it), could be caused by some specific component. I'm thinking PSU here, but then I can also think about RAM, but don't know if other peripherals can have influence on this.

I'm very concerned as you can imagine because now I fear that everytime I use the PC I risk to burn it. And I need it for work, so I can't avoid using it being that it's the only machine I own.

Besides, what do you think about Speedfan's results regarding RAM, which you can find in my previous post?

P.S. As per your suggestion, I've talked with someone who has the skills to use a volt meter on the mobo. Where can I find info about the solder joints I've to probe with it to measure the VCore?

Many many thanks really!

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