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Default Bad Ram

RamGuy, Wired,

Thanks for the great support. Looks like bad memory in this case. Possible
compatibility issues also but not sure.

We finally took the 512mb stick VS512MB400 LOT 0430025-0 out of this machine
with the MSI nForce3 250 K8N Neo Platinum (MS-7030) (still at Bios1.1 RamGuy FYI) and tried it in another machine, this time with an intel based motherboard,
an ASUS P4P800SE 865PE/ICH5 if you care, and took the memory out of that machine
which has always been great- Corsair ValueSelect DDR PC-3200 CAS2.5 Model# VS256MB400 2.5-3-3-8 (2x 256mb running in dual channel mode ;) and stuck it in slots 1 and 3 in the MSI nForce3 250 K8N Neo Platinum (MS-7030) .

Results: The 512mb stick VS512MB400 LOT 0430025-0 failed on test 4 in this
other machine. Looks like bad memory. Bummer. 2.5-3-3-8 (200 fsb)

The 2x256mb sticks have run flawlessly at 2.5-3-3-8 (200 fsb) in the
MSI nForce3 250 K8N Neo Platinum (MS-7030). The machine seems solid
with these sticks. Memtest 24hrs and using machine appears stable now.

What is intersting is test 5 never fails on that intel board at 200 speed.

What is fastest way to swap out/RMA this stick and would it be best to go
with 2 sticks of 256 single sided ram vs 1 stick of 512 for this
MSI nForce3 250 K8N Neo Platinum (MS-7030)? Would CORSAIR do this?
Wondering if that has anything to do with it also. Take care and thanks


Btw, RAMGUY, very interested in hearing how your tests turn out with that
board. Please let us know ASAP! TIA
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