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Default Corsair compatibility

Originally Posted by Wired
You have already answered your own question. As per the MSI Neo FAQ that you quoted, when using 2x512 sticks (which are double sided) the AMD64 does not officially support this
Wired, thanks for the response. However, we only have 1 stick of 512. 1 stick not 2. MemTest86 3.1a and MemTest86+ 1.20 always fail. We get ERRORS at 98% on test #5 (Block Move, 64 moves cached) ie: 60,404 errors! VS512MB400 LOT 0430025-0, 1 stick. It seems we have a bad stick or it it is incompatible with our motherboard right now. What do you suggest we do. We have tried all the things mentioned above. We only have 512MB of mem. Would some screen shots help perhaps?

Some day we want to go to 1 gb, and at this point not sure exactly how to do that. Any suggestions here? Would corsair value work for this. That
would be 1x512 double sided and 2x256 single sided right? Just wondering.

Anyhow a much more urgent issue is getting this motherboard and memory to work together or swap something out ASAP! Anyone out there have
VS512MB400 corsair value ram working with the MSI nForce3 250 K8N Neo Platinum (MS-7030)? What on earth is the trick?

Do you have an 800# or something we can discuss this as we are willing to discuss more of our testing and details and trade up or something but we need compatible memory as soon as possible. Please advise the quickest route at this point.

We have the exact same question as Striker Champ above also:
Is this a compatibility issue vs just bad memory and if Corsair just sends us another stick of value ram in place of this stick that it also might result in memory errors or worse yet, just send us our same stick back again! Please advise asap.


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