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You probably have some type of flow restriction preventing the coolant from getting around in a timely manner. +25C over ambient is out of bounds for coolant temp.
Unfortunately, this is usually a terminal condition and not something you can fix. Other key signs are the coolant temp goes up very quickly, but takes 30-60 minutes (if not more) for the temperature to come back to where it started. Also, you may feel a strong temperature difference between the two tubes. A normal drop in temperature after passing through the radiator is 1-2C. If you can clearly tell one tube is hot and the other cool, something is wrong. You need to move toward replacement or if you are still in the warranty period contact Corsair through the Ticket System to begin the RMA process.

Depending on the nature of the blockage (or whatever it is), you might be able to get some temporary relief by tapping hoses, the pump cap (gently), or tilting the case back and forth. Sometimes the fluid pressure shifts and dislodges the build up. However, this is only temporary the since there is no were for that stuff to go, it will come back around at some point and the problem reoccurs. In the extreme, you can take the unit out and shake it, but there is nothing overly scientific about it. Sometimes you get lucky. Other times not.
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