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Default Questions before a possible purchase of a Corsair one i160

Hello there!

I'm a enthusiast gamer with a job that requires long term business travels. I came across the corsair one by youtube reviewers and I was impressed. However, there are some question I would like to ask before I commit to save money.

Ambient temperature:
I currently live in north Finland which is an area with high seasonal temperature variation, e.g. during winter the ambient temperature can be on average -30 degrees celsius while summer can in periods be above +30 degrees celsius. Could this high ambient summer temperature cause performance problems for corsair one i160?

Custom components:
I learned that that we can change the hard drives and ram in the corsair one. Would it be possible to ask for a custom made corsair one with the desired upgrade on ram and hard drives (e.g. ram with higher speed and m.2 with larger storage)? It would save me time and money by not buying additional components, replacing them and possibly damaging the corsair one unit in the process.

I'm also interested in knowing if its possible to order with a Z390 motherboard. I don't know if this affects gaming performance, but I assume it has some positive effect. If this is not possible, thats fine, but I would really like to know why.

Appreciate any answer I can get.

Kenneth Nilsen
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