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Thanks, but I can't see any global settings? I see a "Brightness" function under "Remap key" - "Corsair hot key", but it's already set as Brightness. And it's per-mode, I can't see any global override or similar.

Anyway, this was more of a comment that I finally made on a rather minor issue. I didn't really expect a solution to this (but it'd be welcome ofc).

Similarly minor stuff; this is an RGB keyboard.. yet the caps lock, numlock and scroll lock indicators are white, as is the sidelights (at least those are turnoffable. Well I guess the caps lock etc. indicators are too, if they are off :P Ofc, one might also make a lightning effect on the key itself, indicating wether it's on or not, but then you also get the normal (white) indicators in addition).

Minor details though. I still love the keyboard! It's just they made some odd decisions here and there with it (like the inverted shifted symbols on the numeric row etc, but I think those makes sense because of the lighting).
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