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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
Yes. The H100iV2 needs to get a constant +12 volts and if it doesn't lots of strange things happen.
Okay, so I couldn't find a way to disable Q-Control, but I did set the CPU FAN to give 100% at all times. I now can control fan and pump performance in Corsair Link (I couldn't before) and the pump is up at 2950 RPM on performance mode and at 2000 RPM on silent.

This creates a new question for me now though - Corsair Link is showing me an extra fan that I am unaware of. I'll attach a screenshot to show you what it is showing.

I currently have the H100i v2 and its two fans. The two fan leads are attached to the fan header provided by the water pump - This fan should be the one labelled H100i v2 fan (this was reading 0 RPM before I changed the CPU FAN to 100% in the UEFI settings).

I have a ML 120 fan that is showing as MB #2 fan at the back of the case which is correct.

I have two case fans that are attached to the external fan controller on the case and I don't believe they show in Corsair Link.

But there is an extra fan showing in Corsair Link as MB Fan #1 (I have it next to the H100i v2 setup as I originally though THAT was the water pump fan). I don't know where the system is getting that reading from or which fan its getting that reading from.

Any ideas?

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