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MSI lists the 1070 Gaming X 8G at 140mm wide. Can you confirm this? Unfortunately, the MSI 1070 series irrespective of model seem to be the widest 1070's out there at 3cm wider than the standard reference or EVGA's ACX 1070 line. It is even wider than my Asus 970's with the heat pipe sticking out the side --- a card that would not fit in the 240 either.

All these cards will fit in a 540 and I have 19cm from the PCI slot tab to the window. You also can run a 540 on it's side and I have done so for periods of time without issue. However, it is a substantially larger footprint and I don't think it will work well in your current location.

Do you have return options on the MSI card? I didn't check all of them, but the MSI appears to be the widest by some margin. Exactly how much room do you have from slot to window in the 240?
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