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Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't familiar with how some of these names of changed in the software, and the supported products. I have a better understanding of that now.

FYI, I had to get the LNP separate from the 3 fan kit. The LNP kit I have has 4 strips, and the control module, and some extensions. I think the product number is CL-9011109-WW. It had no fans. I bought a 3 pack of 120MM HD fans separately for it.

Before returning, however, have you checked to make sure that the channels are configured correctly in Lighting Setup?
Out of the 4 strips, one of them didn't work when I had them powered through the control module. It didn't matter if they were chained, or individually plugged into the LED1 or LED2 ports. 1 was consistently not working. I even tried putting that strip as the first one in LED1 and LED2 ports, and it would not light up individually, nor would any lights connected to it light up, although those lights worked fine individually. I assume that this means there is something broken in this one light. I didn't even try the Lighting Setup, because I never got that far.

As a test, I was able to get my HD fans working with the LNP using LED2 port, and I can use iCUE to control those.

I suppose I'll try the strips in the Lighting setup just to see if I can get them all to work without actually installing them first.
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