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1) On the Asus motherboards, disabling Q-Fan Control will keep the pump at 100%. In the FAQ, I tried to be general as it's different for every motherboard manufacturer.

2) Are the fans plugged in to the headers coming off of the coolers? Disable Q-Fan control too; if the unit isn't getting the full 12V, 0 RPM fan speeds is one of the key indicators. Also, are the fans actually spinning?

3) "Normal" temps vary wildly based on a number of factors, the primary one being ambient and/or internal case temperature. Personally, I'm just outside of Houston and my typical idle temperature on my cooler is about 31C and I'll get up to about 34-35C under load. My room ambient temp is about 27C and the fan intake temperature (measured with a Commander Pro) is about 29-30C. This gives me a delta of 4C over room and 1-2C over intake. Your top temp may be a little higher (I'm running an H115 vs an H100 ... so mine will shed heat a bit better) but as long as you are under 40C while under load, you're in good shape. And keep in mind it's all relative ... if my room temperature was 2C higher, I'd expect all of the temperatures to go up by 2C.
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