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Originally Posted by smegmannen View Post
Ive had my void wireless for 2+ years now and only recently when i decided to get the new cue app and update the firmware has the issues statet in this thread and some others started occuring.
Doesn't matter if i sit 3 cm or three rooms away from the reciever, the sound crackles, disappears, the headset disconnects and instantly reconnects and it doesn't matter if i repair it to the dongle, what USB port i use, if it is charging or not or whatever.
also, each time i change usb-port or re pair the headset a "new" device is made in windows so im up to like "73 -corsair void wireless".

Does any one know where older firmware images can be found?
ive searched but cant seem to find any and its what i think might be able to help.
Its definitely the software, IMO. I had an older version of the app and didn't have this audio problem until I reinstalled windows 10 and had no choice but to download this latest version.
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