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Default CUE 2.X Full Keyboard Lighting Proof of Concept LoL Profile

If you guys don't know yet, CUE 2.X (officially version 2.3.74) has moved into open beta and is available to the public. More info about it here!

This is a really basic LoL profile made for the purpose of showing off a method of having full keyboard lighting at the press of a particular button. It's based on my CUE 1.X LoL profile (that I haven't touched in quite some time).

The following keys cause a lighting effect to play on the entire keyboard. The lock and brightness keys are exempt from this due to how they function in CUE 2.X. The Q, W, E, R, D, F, and B keys are also excluded for aesthetic reasons.

Q, W, and E all flash the keyboard white.

R flashes the keyboard in a rainbow.

D and F flash the keyboard yellow.

B plays a blue pulsing light that is in sync with the 8 second recall channel in LoL.

If you have problems, it would be awesome if you:

1. Describe the problem as well as you can.
2. Let me know the type of keyboard you're using.

Also, I plan on expanding on the LoL profiles in the future for CUE 2.X, so if you have any ideas, let me know.
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Click the picture for some nice simple color scheme profiles!

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