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Originally Posted by Gr33dy View Post
Hey man, first of all great job tooks alot of talent to do something like this.

Now, could you please clarify 3 "small" things, first, is this an extension of the monitor? i mean it recognizes only the colours of the bottom?, second this works for games? or videos/movies only?, 3rd how in the world can i install it? is there an easier way to do it? im a complete beginer in this npm github etc stuff, i really tried, i've got the git, the npm, but i still getting some errors and warns in the cmd when i try to install it.

thank you!
It only works in non-games, because of the screen capturing.
It uses a program (ffmpeg) to record a bar of pixels on the lower part of your display (shouldn't impact performance that much)

Originally Posted by Victoss View Post
This is really cool, been waiting for someone to do this on the forums. Unfortunately I have no idea how to install this :(
I've got a experimental (easy) version

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