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Around here they don't want anyone to mention a competitor by name. Please refrain from doing so in the future.

You have already found the correct tool. Sandforce creates and distributes the firmware updater to the SSD makers who uses their (Sandforce's) controllers (Corsair + others). These SSD manufacturers slap their name and sometimes their logo on this software but otherwise do not modify it. That means that the firmware updating tool is functionally identical. Just ignore the visual differences as it is irrelevant.

Now, what tools do you need? You say you have a Mac. Do any manufacturers of Sandforce Driven SSDs offer a Mac updating tool? (That's not rhetorical, I never looked into that). If someone does, then go ahead and use that.

Otherwise, you'll want a Linux updating tool. You want either the stand alone tool that you would run after booting any Linux LiveCD of your choosing, or you can get a pre-built LiveCD that contains the updating tool. I know there are at least 2 manufacturers who offer the stand alone tool. I used one of those. I also know at least one manufacturer who offers a Linux LiveCD with the updating tool built into it. I don't remember who that one was since the non-LiveCD is easier for a machine that is already running Linux.

Again to emphasize: the software to upgrade the firmware can be obtained from any manufacturer, but the firmware for your specific drive must be the exact one that Corsair tells you to use.

Hope that clarified things.
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