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Big Grin Firmware upgrade with Linux -- It works!

Being happy with my Corsair RAM & PSU I didn't think twice about getting a Corsair SSD. Too late did I discover the .. err situation w.r.t. upgrading the firmware. Honestly I was shocked. But lemons and lemonade, etc.

Thanks to Yellowbeard for this little tidbit:
Originally Posted by Yellowbeard View Post
Our firmware packages and the update tools both come from SandForce in their complete form.
It's nice to know that the firmware is a clean drop from SandForce with nothing special done to it. I was able to confirm that only the header is different between the .vic files as delivered by Corsair and the firmware releases by other SandForce vendors.

What this all means is that the firmware updater also is nothing special (cf. again Yellowbeard's comment). I can confirm that the Linux firmware updater for SandForce SSDs is not vendor specific. I know I can't mention anyone by name, so I'll just mention that Wikipedia has a nice list of SSDs with the SF controller. A number of those do distribute the Linux updater (sadly not our Corsair...)

For reference:
I flashed a 60GB Force 3 SSD from fw ver 1.3.3 to 5.03 using Updater version under Kubuntu 12.04 64-bit and it couldn't have been easier. No mucking with boot disks, Windows, or other nuisances. I noted that more than one vendor is distributing that exact version of the Updater so really it doesn't matter where you get it from.

Hopefully Mac users can benefit from this information as well.
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