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1) Yes, but you won 't be able to "pump out" the coolant. This will mean it is a manual drain and works through gravity alone. In really big loops this can be difficult to get it all out. Make sure you take off the top fill port on the reservoir when you want to start draining. I have the same problem in a 011 and do not have the space to do what I want. The drain port is just a ball valve and cap off the side of the XD5 and I need to tip the case to bring the bulk of the coolant back to that point. Note: if you used the vertical panel for a radiator and were forced to put the tube in/out on top, that coolant is not coming out this way. Only way to completely remove it is careful pumping or removal and drain.

2) It should be fine. I have done this on quick partial drains were I needed to rapidly swap something in and out. I would not put it back in the original bottle. Keep that pristine. Use a clean glass measuring cup or whatever is available. Don't go crazy on thinking you need to sanitize it. Extra cleaning chemical residue is far worse than dust.
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