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Originally Posted by noperative View Post
I have the h150I which I replaced the stock fans with LL 120's. I have 9 LL 120's in total.

3 Fans on the AIO are connected to the fan headers on the AIO.

3 RGB headers for the fans on the AIO are plugged into RGB lighting hub.

3 RGB headers for bottom fans are plugged into the same lighting hub as AIO rgb headers. For a total of 6 plugged into that lighting hub. This lighting hub is plugged into channel 1 on the commander pro.

3 Side fans are plugged into another lighting hub plugged into commander pro on channel 2.

The 3 bottom fans and 3 side fans are plugged into the commander pro fan headers to which controls fan speed of those 6.

The commander pro is plugged into usb header on motherboard. AIO pump is plugged into AIO header on motherboard, usb on the AIO pump is plugged into usb header on the commander pro.

I too was totally confused about how I was going to hook it all up....I hooked it up like this and it worked the first time, no problems. Not sure if this helps clarify anything or not.
thanks you. maybe this will all make more sense once i get everything out of the box and layed out. trying to think about how this will all come together isn't making sense. maybe once i see it it will click
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