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Originally Posted by crashniels View Post
Yes i also read that the SDK swaps the colors or something. Sadly i am no programmer so i can't really talk much about how to fix this.
A good question is what color is blue? If green is blue and blue is green, then those need to be swapped. LEDs can vary and different materials can refract light. I know on my LEDs in my XSPC CPU block and res I had to use a 100ohm resistor on the red cathode as red was to bright. I was then able to match colors really well. Also when scuba diving, you lose different colors from the spectrum the deeper you go, I think diffusing light through different materials can effect it similarly and be a filter. I notice on some parts of my MB the huge is slightly off on the chip set, compared to other LEDs on the MB.

Here is a good video on RGB 101:

RGB 101 Video: General overview on RGB
Zotty's Corsair Guide: RGB FAQ and Sample Diagrams

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Corsair all my opinions are my own.
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