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Awesome work! I don't have any Asus products other than my monitors, so I can't test this out. Looks like you are using RGB.NET. Are you sync'ing the LEDs based off the LED color of a specific item like the letter "A" on the keyboard to LED2 on motherboard? That is a very creative approach. It also helps automate a lot of the setting of colors.

I created a powershell script for Gigabyte's RGB Fusion. I used a SDK CLI tool that someone else made. I synced based off running process/game to match iCUE that way. Then had RGB Profiles created in RGB Fusion and parsed in the XML to set the lighting via the CLI tool. I don't know if your way could work with Gigabyte Fusion SDK. It seems that frequent changes to lighting effects cause a race condition.

I do find MB manufacture's SDKs very limiting. Not all Gigabyte motherboards support the SDK, that support RGB Fusion. Engaging Gigabyte has been a little bit frustrating. I got my script working for me, though kind of gave up on it as I think only a few other people have used it.

Good work, I love seeing things like this!
RGB 101 Video: General overview on RGB
Zotty's Corsair Guide: RGB FAQ and Sample Diagrams

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