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Originally Posted by Krzych View Post
The board said to stay at 1.95 max to daily use so I did and focused on tweaking other voltages. I saw VCCIN helping a lot on MSI so I just kept it high for now. The settings are posted for 4.5 Core 4.5 Cache clocks on my 5960X, 1.22 and 1.3V respectively. I can go higher with core but my cooling in not sufficient above 1.3V on the core (H115i), at least not in summer.

Since I have to use Fully Manual Mode in BIOS to get stable with memory and it allows only manual voltages without adaptive mode I have backed my cache to 4.0 and I am now focusing on lowering all voltages. No point on maxing things out until I get custom loop and can really overclock this CPU to max potential.
4.5 and 4.5 is pretty a hefty overclock and I am just fine with 1.95 input voltage for that. I did not expect you have the cache up that high. I do think the cache frequency may have some effect on your attempts to get the memory going. I also have passed near that range, but it became so tedious with nothing more than a bolstered write speed to show for it. I dialed my cache back down to 4.0 and stopped going for more long ago. I've had my dance with non-standard memory frequencies. These days I either run low (2666) or 3200, depending on how hard I want to press the CPU frequencies. I am probably just worn out after a few years of it, but keep at it if you have the energy.
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