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Default my solution

After two years of struggle, I finally could boot with XMP 16-18-18-36 3200!

Corsair Vengeance LPX Black kit 2x8Gb 3200Mhz + Corsair Vengeance LPX Red kit 2x8Gb 3200Mhz - (4x8Gb - 32Gb in total)

BIOS Version 3805

First of all I reset settings to default. Click EXIT, then "Load Optimized defaults". Save and reset.

Ai Overclock Tuner - XMP DDR4-3200 16-18-18-36 (or something like that don't remember exactly)

BCLK Frequency - 100.00 (xmp set it, and i don't touch)

CPU Core Ratio - Sync All Cores
1-Core Ratio Limit - 42

DRAM Frequency - DDR4-3200MHz
(Timings 16-18-36, frequency 3200 and dram voltage 1.35 - was set by xmp, and i don't change this)

CPU Core/Cache Voltage - Manual Mode
CPU Core Voltage Override - 1.2
DRAM Voltage - 1.35
CPU VCCIO Voltage - 1.2
CPU System Agent Voltage - 1.2

Works stable for me.

for core multiplier x46 i use CPU Core Voltage Override - 1.34 (works for me too)

i tried before next settings and this did not works for me.
CPU VCCIO Voltage - 1.15 (Overclock failed)
CPU System Agent Voltage - 1.15 (Overclock failed)
after 1.2 system booted.
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