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hey all, built mine a week ago after a long while of not building computers. still satisfying to press the button and system smoothly hums to operation =)

using coMpro to handle 2 x LL120, 3 x LL140, H100i v2, and K70rgb rf.
got no issues with my keyboard and cooler (i think)

but the fans RGB worked for a week then started dancing around and a few even experienced missing LED.
it's pretty hard to isolate the issue to be honest as it's erratic.
i did try the route of re-ordering the fans and also playing around with cor.serv. initially, restarts solved the problem, but after a few days, restart didnt even help.
latest i did was to re-arrange the fans (after trying to isolate if any specific fan issue due to the missing LED) and reinstall iCUE. so far it's all ok, but i am very skeptical and a bit disappointed with these products.
anyhow, apart from the RGB, fans look to be operating well, just that in iCUE i don't seem to see/hear changes when i try selecting different fan modes (e.g. QUIET vs Balanced)

oh! one thing i noticed, if ever you get tired of this flickering, you can set iCUE ComPro to other than LL fans, and it'll steadily rainbow without glitch. but obviously, we didn't spend our fortune and not be able to utilize its functionalities.

hopefully a fix falls from heaven...
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