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I've tried everything , I lost 1 year of my life span with the stress I got off this PSU and the vendor literally.

The noise is not similar to mine , yours is like a scream of pain , while mine is a high pitch buzz in games.

I've seen lots of people with the Sapphire HD 5870 even in crossfire + Corsair HX1000 and they haven't complained from what I've seen on the other forums.

And yes it's true , HX1000 is CWT (sadly found out about this after the purchase , got lured by the Seasonic trap) , otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have had this problem.

Just like a side note , my first HX1000 was built in 2009 week 41 , and the 2nd one in 2009 week 44. I'm not even using it right now , I'm staying with the 500w 4 years old PSU that costed 8 times less while the OMG super PSU is sitting in it's box punished.

And I'm not gonna RMA it 2000KM away where Corsair pointed me and pay another 40 bucks for the shipment because I've already spent 100 bucks on the phone bill arguing with the vendor cause they wouldn't swap my PSU although I was right eventually.
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