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Originally Posted by WArheaD_P View Post
Hi Guys
So basically my headset doesn't work on PC.

iCUE can detect the headset through both wireless and USB mode,setting and lighting works, only just there is no any audio input/output.

On any circumstance,3.5 jack works while plugged in my phone. So I'm pretty sure the headset itself is alright.

FYI, I have already tried to uninstall drivers from device manager and reinstall iCUE.Or Troubleshoot from Windows. Nothing changed.

And When I start up the Voicemeeter Banana, this error pops out.

Doesn't what's the problem, But thanks in advance.
Double check your Windows Sound Settings that Virtuoso is set to your default Playback Device and Recording Device. Almost sounds like another device within windows is taking priority right now.
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