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What is happening in this screen shot? Are you at idle? The CPU load (2%) is obviously low, but I want to make sure you didn't just quit gaming or something similar. Your H100iGTX Temp (coolant temp) is sitting at 43C. That is about the worst it should ever be with 1080 SLI in a hot room. Your drive temps suggest the case ambient temp is closer to 30-34C. Running 10C over that suggests some type of flow problem with the cooler.

1) Make sure you haven't inadvertently reduced voltage to the pump. This can happen with BIOS flashes resetting the Q-fan controls. Your pump appears to be at max speed, so this is not likely the issue.

2) Turn your PC off or put it to sleep for a little while -- long enough for it to return to room temp. Wake and watch the main page in Link, particularly the H100i GTX temp. In a normal system, it might go up 1-2C over several minutes. If you have a flow problem, it will go much faster and to a greater extent, likely from your 20-something room temp back up into the high 30's or 40's. Just let it idle. You can open web pages and such, but keep the GPU load low. This is an easy way to separate CPU waste heat from other case heat management.
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