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Originally Posted by jonnyguru View Post
That looks like a Mac Pro PSU. It's a very good PSU. Rated at continuous at 50C. It is underpowered, but the reason it's not an issue is because the Mac Pro overheats so damn much, the CPU and GPUs are constantly throttling and you're never using all that glorious hardware to its full potential.
Well done that man. What has me stumped is that unless the MacPro is a total scam, which idiot thought that a 450 Watt PSU would be enough to power it?

Just looking at the specs for the CPU and GPUs it is about 200 Watt underpowered - never mind about RAM.

I suppose that you answered my question because if they had put in a PSU adequate to power the system to its potential then the components would fry because that pissy little 140mm fan, no matter how "cyclonic" (marketdroid speech for "it sucks in air") wouldn't be able to cool it.

On the other hand it is a pretty good vacuum cleaner for your desk.
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