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I guess im going to try swapping some fans connections around to troubleshoot this problem too, because ive tried all the other suggestions on the software/firmware side. My whole system is relatively new and I have 6 LL series fans running in my 500D SE case and all of a sudden the 5th and 6th fans just totally tweak out and go crazy if i set them to anything other than a static color. Im guessing that maybe some sort of fault developed in fan 5 and thats causing 6 to display the same weird , buggy behavior with the lightning. The "flickering" im experiencing isnt like what ive seen in most other people's videos, with the occasional bright flicker. The problem seems to be when they try to transition between any colors or patterns. They go beserk, quickly flashing and flickering all sorts colors that theyre not suppose to.

Over the past week, i could have sworn i saw an odd flicker out of the corner of my eye while sitting across the room from my PC. Now tonight I turned on my Pc and those two fans were just going crazy as soon as it started up. Looks like there may be an RMA in my future. Because yeah, these fans are expensive and I havent had them long. Havent gotten to get on my PC much in the last few month either. Been so busy. Finally have some free time to get on here and enjoy, only to discover this headache!
I just recently picked up a shiny new K95 Plat on a great sale too... grr!

Actually, for some reason i didnt see the post @UnexpectedGreg made! Thats pretty much exactly what my two fans are doing! Just going nuts like that.

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