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What kinds of temps were you expecting? I don't see a problem with those numbers.

Remember the fans help remove heat from the water (H115i Temp). You can't directly affect CPU temps, other than to lower the baseline they start from (the H115i Temp again). If it's 22C in your room and your water temp is 29C, the most you could ever reduce CPU temps at any fan speed is 7C. For that to happen, you would also have to keep your case internal ambient temp the same as the room temperature. That's rather difficult in itself. The difference between the water temperature and the actual CPU core temps is down to the thermal conductivity between the CPU/heat spreader/TIM/cold plate sandwich (a fixed rate) and the voltage being applied (very dynamic). For most people on recent CPUs, this is the limiting factor, not the amount of heat the cooler is able to dissipate.

If you somehow botched the TIM spread when installing, your idle temps would be all over the place. Not just high, but also almost random or nonsensical. I suspect this is not true, otherwise you would not have been able to finish Real Bench and certainly not P95.
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