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Post Great start, not there yet though

So I just installed my new setup and went through the process of getting all of this to work. I'm posting in this thread because although I'm using a new setup, I'm also running this build of the software. If it should have gone somewhere else on the forum, please let me know and I'll move it!

First off I want to say that the software looks really nice. And although it's still somewhat limited in functionality, it certainly looks promising. I'm coming from a setup using only motherboard ports and running them all through speedfan which worked perfectly!

CorsairLink 2 configuration (I'll be filling the album with my build log photos soon)

The picture I have included should give you most of the specs of my rig. I'm using a slightly modified Fractal Design Define Mini which holds a H100i, AX860i and Corsair link commander with cooling module. In total 7 fans are managed through link, all of them varying tapes of noctua.

The rest of the specs are an i7-920@4.0Ghz, 24GB of RAM, 2x1TB 7200 2.5" R0 + Samsung 830 256GB. Nvidia GTX680 and some peripherals such as a 27" 2560x1440 'korea' monitor, ducky shine II keyboard, etc.

A nice little gaming system, about 3 years old now and the link upgrade was to prepare for the upcoming Haswall!

Anyway, the software. My experience hasn't been that great I'm afraid. :( It started with the Corsair Link kit not really being available in The Netherlands, none of the mayor webshops carries them. One shop does, but asks 5x as much as is stated on the corsair website. I ended up ordering it from Corsair themselves and with the April discount price it was manageable.

Out of the box, basically nothing really worked as it should. Although I spent a good few hours reading the forums to prepare myself I still ended up with 3 versions of link installed. :S

I had to use various old versions to upgrade the firmware of my Link Commander, Cooling node and H100i, but after doing this, most was visible using CorsairLink2.

But even then, the fan control is not working as it should. The default curves are all WAY too high RPM. My Noctua's go to about 300 RPM, but the lowest of the quiet setting is about 1200, which is near the max RPM of the fans I use. Useless. It should read the max fan value (which it does correctly) and adjust it's curves accordingly in my opinion.

Anyway, a list, in part of bugs and problems, but all meant to improve the software:

- H100i only works when connected through USB, unable to get it working using the link commander
- Fan curves are not adjusted accordingly for the connected fan while maximum RPM does get read correctly. (Making any preset useless)
- Custom fan curves work sometimes. I can either get the fan's on my cooling node to automatically change or the fan's on my H100i. Not both at the same time.
- When a fan is 'stuck' changing a single value will 'help' that fan remember what it should do, until it's stuck again a few seconds later
- Having your radiator fan's not work reliably is very bad....
- When a fan dips below it's lowest RPM point it will spin full blast and then get stuck
- When booting, it's a guess what is working and what is not, restarting the service several times is often required
- No multiple fan links as in Speedfan. I wish certain intakes to start spinning faster when either my CPU or GPU heats up, not only or.
- Sometimes CorsairLINK2 will display one thing, while something else is happning (Software 500RPM, reality 1300RPM)
- AX860i has strange fan 'bursts'. I understand it needing some cool air sometimes when the fan is off, but give it a gently curve up and curve down, not the sudden 'whoooosshhhh' it does now
- Over time, cpu usage of the CorsairLINK2 software can become up 5% while in the systemtray, that's a bit much
- Leaving the PC idle for 18Hrs my 'System Interrupts' have risen to 8% and idle has become 14% usage? (Windows 8 Pro, x64)
-- This is actually worse then I tought before. During some browsing or anything else low usage you don't really notice it. But now I need to restart the service everytime I start a game and every 30 minutes in the game to keep acceptable performance, otherwise it will affect framerate in a very negative way!
- While exiting the software the question to save is a bit annoying, but I read that was a known bug and will be fixed next release
- While power is integrated in CorsarLINK2 software, it's only the separate tab. I'd love to add wattage used or something to the overlay tab.
- System tray readouts as suggested somewhere on the forum is a great suggestion. Again speedfan has a great implementation of this
- Program breaks on crashes and you have to delete the complete profile and start over again
- Sometimes some or all your sensors will become unlinked to the one in the picture requiring a complete reconfig of everything
- XML configuration file doesn't seem to be XML?
- Hitting a dail in the picture will make the right menu appear, hitting it again will make it disappear, very confusing and cumbersome way of doing it. Please make it appear on clicking a dail and disappear when clicking an 'empty' space
- When you rename a fan it becomes impossible to determine which fan it was and to which port of what it is connected
- The graph window only seems to have a defined Y axis, but an empty X axis. Also there is no scrolling, or way to get historical data, define a time frame (test duration, etc.) or anything really making it a pretty useless display. MSI Afterburner has a good example of usable graphing with excellent mouseover for the actual values. Still missing a readable X axis, but you can at least get it through a mouseover. Also OCCT has some great graphs it can export. As examples of usable data
- When exiting the software all current values for the fan's remain set for as far as I can tell (the commander and fan node have no intelligent logic onboard?) best would be if the program crashed or was not active (service) that all fan's would be set to 100% to prevent any damages that may otherwise occur

Ok, so do I hate it? No definitely not! The modules, the Hydro's, the PSU's, the combination of them have some great potential. It's just sad to see that for all intentive purposes the firmware and software is either broken right not or very much in beta. If it was not, I would recommend it to all my friends! And so would everyone else I believe, if you wish to do any custom designs or have control over your components, this is the way to do it!

It's like my girlfriend said when she looked at my screen earlier "Wow, that looks absolutely awesome, those readouts are real?"

To corsair, do what you need to do, hire the guys from Speedfan for instance, but make this software work for you and you will have a golden goose in your hand for any modder, custom builder or anyone who just wants more control over their system. Motherboard control is one step, but anything beyond that Corsair Link offers great potential, which is currently not being utilized. :(

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