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Nothing wrong with the curve design. If you feel it is too loud at 40-43C, reduce the speed. The stock fans are very loud. Also keep in mind small differences in fan speed should make little difference in your end cooling. Running the fans at 1600 rpm should be more or less the same as 1400 rpm. Maybe 0.5C difference. On the other hand, the noise might be quite different. Most fans have specific speeds where they are unpleasant. No reason to use that part of the band.

Another approach to use (especially for gaming) is to set a fixed RPM in your custom curve. Pick something that is tolerable. No more changing speeds, just continual exhaust. This may help get more GPU heat out sooner, preventing the case from heating up. That is hard to undo in the short term, but the higher initial speed may keep your from those levels. I preferred doing this when running a H80i like cooler in the rear exhaust where it was a constant victim of GPU waste heat.

There is no specific fail point for the cooler. It's certainly not 40-45C. The rubber is rated for more than 100C+ and obviously we won't be melting plastic or metal. The only real vulnerable part might be the sealant/glue exposed to long term high coolant levels (55-70C+). However, all of this is mostly a moot point. On any recent processor, you are probably going to reach your CPU temp limits with a coolant temp of 50C -- or at least get uncomfortably close.

Knocking your room temp down by 10C would certainly make everything else look great. Of course, that's likely not possible in the near future or ever in some climates. What I am still interested in your current room and temp and relative case temperature. You can make an approximation of case temp through the motherboard sensor and often drive temps (like a photo of your iCUE dashboard/panel). 33C idle coolant temp would be OK if your room temp is in the upper 20s. However, I am still worried about the initial post when you described continually climbing coolant temp with the fans maxed. 43C coolant temp without contributing environmental factors is high.
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