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Hey Peg, I get all that. Not RMA, I was referring to a support ticket with Corsair.

Just remember nobody is here to serve you, nor deal with your thoughts, beliefs or desires. You only want one thing - useful assistance. What you get back will be all over the place, but anyone that may have the answer will stop reading where they see 'stubborn belligerence' has reared its undelightful head. Despite that (I believe) you didn't mean it, that is the look portrayed. It is so hard not to be cheesed off at this stuff eh?

I recently decided to fix an issue with screens being messed up on return from sleep / hibernate. And yep, I could Google it and find a gazillion 'can't be fixed' style of responses. But it irked me so I pushed through and found a clue in a forum that lead me to change a registry setting and the problem vanished. I figured out an easier way to do what I did and posted it so others with this malaise might find it via the big G.

Bit of a rant eh, and no use at all. If what you are doing doesn't work, controlled changes is the way to go. Getting in the queue with Corsair support and taking your chances there is the most practical path as you seem to have no tolerance for, eek, potential habit changing 'shots in the dark'!

Humor, anything that reads 'the wrong way' is meant to be light-hearted entertainment!
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