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Originally Posted by EricB_ View Post
Same issue. Fixed it by downgrading to CLNP firmware version 0.4.94. CLNP Firmware Downgrade instructions:

This being a new "feature" is extremely disappointing. I purchased the Corsair Lightning Node PRO vs a competing product mainly because it didn't require the Corsair LINK software to be running all the time. This is a NZXT-level move and appears to have been introduced only to force users to run Corsair LINK 24/7.
Aw, that's mean. If we wanted to force you to run LINK 24/7, we never would've had hardware playback in the first place. ;)

The real reason this change occurred was to enable synchronized lighting effects in the future as well as support upcoming RGB products that Lighting Node Pro and Commander Pro would not have been able to handle in hardware playback.

That said, I'm not pleased we had to sacrifice a feature people were used to in order to do that, and I'm working with the software team to provide short and hopefully long term solutions to this.

Originally Posted by Astral85 View Post
I am also greeted by a full rainbow effect on my LNP during boot only for the last configuration to load only once Link has started. I could not gather the answer here, is this intentional or a fault? I would prefer my last set configuration to be active during boot as it was, this is a little distracting.

Edit: Right so this is a newly included default/demo mode during startup, any chance this could be turned on/off?
Originally Posted by Emerald View Post
OMG, yes please, this demo light show has totally killed my rather stately pc.
Originally Posted by Astral85 View Post
Does that mean it will be an enable/disable feature?
As I said before, we're working on it. The feedback has been heard loud and clear. I'm not in the office at present (out on a business trip) so I can't push for an immediate fix but I'm working on something.
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