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Originally Posted by spiff72 View Post
Just curious for those of you having this issue - my son just complained to me that the fans in his 220T case turn white when he plays Fortnite.

I built his PC last week, and it has an Asus TUF Gaming mobo, so I also had to install the Aura Sync to control the LEDs on the mobo, and I am using the RGB header on the mobo to plug in the Prism CPU cooler.

I have read that the lightingservice that is part of Aura Sync can cause issues with the anti-cheat software in Fortnite, so I am tempted to just uninstall the Aura software and see if that fixes the issue, but I wanted to know if others in this thread also had Aura Sync installed (for Asus products)?

I would be OK losing the color on the mobo (just barely noticeable anyway with 5 Corsair fans in the case), and losing the CPU fan color isn't a huge loss either if it allows for the iCue software to not crash...
My Daughter had the same issue when playing Fortnite on my PC. iCUE was crashing in the background/locking up random colors. The fix was to uninstall Aura as the Aura plugin (and it's anticheat issues) seemed to effect iCUE directly.
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