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Originally Posted by Frattastic View Post

This is my first build and especially first time dealing with RGB hardware. I purchased the Corsair Commander Pro, 3 HD120 RGB Fans, and the Corsair Lighting Node Pro. Starting with the Corsair Commander Pro it is hooked into the USB1 header on my motherboard and the power is connected to a sata connection that is also powering a hard drive on the same cable (cable has multiple sata power connectors on it.) The Lighting Node LED Strips are all connected to each other ending at being connected to the LED1 header on the Commander Pro. The 3 fans are connected to ports 1-3 on the Commander Pro and the power for each are connected to the PUMP_FAN1, SYS_FAN3, and SYS_FAN4 ports on the motherboard.
OK, you totally lost me here. Where on the CoPro are the fans connected? What on the fans is connected to the CoPro? Why are they connected to the motherboard at all if you have a CoPro?

Originally Posted by Frattastic View Post
All the fans are spinning and the speed is controllable in Corsair Link. So to sum it all up i've got 3 fans, and 4 daisy chained LED strips connected to the commander pro (which is being detected in the software, just updated the firmware) but the LED strips aren't working at all and the RGB for the fans aren't working. Please help a first time builder! Thank you!
If the fans are connected to the motherboard, they aren't controllable in Link. Have you added the RGB devices (strips, fans) to Link? (Link doesn't autodetect them.) Take a look at the RGB FAQ that's linked in my signature; there's a ton of information in there and I think it'll help you out a bit.
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